T.C. Mİllî Eğİtİm BakanlIğI
İSTANBUL / KARTAL - Kartal Anadolu İmam Hatip Lisesi


The Project is carried out by Simge Kambur with preparatory classes. Students sometimes get stressed, can even be worried about the planning of their studying process for a better career plans and future. At that time, they always resort to their teachers to get help.What if the biggest answer to the all worries is themselves? Sometimes students can light the way for each other and share the experiences of their own career planning process to make one another’s decision process become less painful. And sharing is more meaningful when it comes to common worries of young people. They can find career paths together and become more self conscious and autonomous and imagine for a better future by finding all the resolutions in each other’s experiences both emotionally and realistically. The main purpose of  this eTwinning project is to implement several activities with educators and schools from different member countries, focusing on effective and efficient cooperation through information and communication technologies for motivation.


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